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Empowering Lives With Limitless Power Of The Sun


Strong Parent US $400Mn & Debt Free S&P Rated AA-

1GW Solar PV Module Manufacturing Capacity

Delivered Over 1.5GW Solar PV assets Globally

Delivered over 10GW renewables in 26 countries

200MW Solar
PV Built as IPP

Over 1.6 GW Solar PV Assets under active O&M

Renewable Power for a Cleaner, Brighter Tomorrow

Jakson green is a new energy transition platform promoted by renewables veteran Bikesh Ogra backed by Jakson Group - India based infrastructure & renewables major


Solar installations and expertise for system longevity in India.


Executed solar EPC projects across India & overseas

What we offer

Our Green Energy Verticals

New Energy Offerings

Jakson green offers technology, services & turnkey solutions across select new energy themes

Transforming the Energy Landscape a Journey towards Sustainability

Another new green energy technology is energy storage systems, which allow excess energy generated from renewable sources to be stored for later use. This makes it possible to use renewable energy even when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing.

Biomass Gasification

OPEX and Turnkey technology solutions for decarbonisation, green hydrogen and power generation through biomass gasification

Compressed Biogas

Technology and Turnkey solutions for Compressed Biogas

Green Silica

Technology and Turnkey solutions for green silica based on patented enhanced precipitated silica technology

Waste to Energy

OPEX and turnkey incineration based technology solutions for waste to energy plants

Carbon Credits & Trading

Strategic solutions to help businesses achieve their sustainability goals

Carbon Credits & Trading

The ultimate goal of carbon credits is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Our objective is to rehabilitate the Earth with a low carbon and climate resilient global economy. We aspire to render strategic solutions for helping businesses and organizations to achieve their Sustainability Goals.

Operations & Maintenance

With a Solar Operations & Maintenance portfolio of over 1.6 GW of solar installations and expertise for system longevity in India & overseas, Jakson is equipped with the experience and know-how to provide 0&M services for plants manufacturing Green Hydrogen, Green Ammonia, Compressed Biogas & Waste to Energy projects

The Evolution of Green Energy

Jakson is a leading energy and engineering solutions company offering a range of products and services that help customers effectively meet their diverse needs in a safe and sustainable manner.

Explore Our Global Renewable Hub

Jakson green is India headquartered and operates across India, EMEA and APAC regions

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