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About Business

Welcome to Jakson Solar - Facilitating Energy Transformation Today, for a Sustainable Tomorrow!

We specialize in manufacturing both bifacial and monofacial solar modules, complemented by our top-of-the-line solar inverters. Together, they create the perfect synergy for high-efficiency solar solutions.

With a legacy spanning over 75+ years in the Energy and Infrastructure sector, we have a proud history of being market leaders. Our state-of-the-art, in-house manufacturing unit in Greater Noida stands as a testament to our resilience and commitment to technological advancements.

Our mission is clear: to contribute significantly to India’s net-zero goal through renewable energy generation. As we embark on our journey to go global, we are determined to establish our dominance in the international market.

We take immense pride in strengthening India’s solar power portfolio and empowering all segments of society, from large-scale commercial and industrial clients to small businesses and households. Our goal is to make solar energy accessible and approachable for everyone.

At Jakson Solar, we offer a sustainable future powered by solar energy. Join us on our mission to make the sun’s power available to all and be a part of the clean energy revolution.

Key Highlights

1.2 GW Module Manufacturing Capacity

In-House Design, Engineering, and R&D Facility

Pan-India Presence with Wide Sales & Service Support Network